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  1. Leecher checker Greasemonkey script for Ikariam

    I’ve created a GM script to check for leachers in Ikariam, based on a script that i found on this page, but that didn’t suit me. It basically colors the players according to their leecher’s status. If they’ve given far enough they are green, if they have given enough, but just above the limit, they are blue, if they have given just under the limit, they are orange, and if they are leechers they are red (the original script uses green/orange/blue/red instead of green/blue/orange/red).

    The script itself can be found there, and here are some explanations about how it operates:

    Ideal scenario
    If there are 16 players, all having the max number of workers (normally paid workers, not above the limit workers)

    • To have the right to use full power of the quarry/sawmill, each worker should have given at least one 16th of the amount of necessary wood donation.
    • Over paid workers (above the limit, possible with research), should not be taken in account, they are personnal bonus.
    • City lvl shouldn’t be taken in account. A new player on the island, even if its town hall is level ...
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